Welcome to www.olufadipe.com, a blog created by…. Olu Fadipe (well done to all of you who guessed correctly), and I was born with Cystic Hygroma (also known as lymphatic malformation). I created this blog mostly wanted to share my stories and experiences and encourage other people to share their own experiences. 

So, who is Olu Fadipe?

Unfortunately, I am not a wizard, I’m just a muggle like everyone else I know. However, I was born and raised in London, England. I attended a disabled school growing up, and later boarded a disabled college for three years (while attending a mainstream college, who has a partnership with the disabled college), later on, I attended and recently graduated university with a 2.1. I got two younger brothers, a mum and a dad. 

I like TV, video games and music (little fact, I am actually top 3% of Drake fans worldwide on Spotify). 

Why did you make this blog?

One thing I learnt as I have gotten older is the importance of sharing experiences especially if you’re part of a minority group. When I was growing, while I did attend a disabled school I never knew anybody with a facial disfigurement like myself, so it was difficult going through it on my own in that sense. 

I remember when I first started blogging, and I got loads of kind messages from people, especially from people with the same condition and parents of people with the condition, and I take pride knowing I have helped people. 

What should I expect from this blog?

You should expect mostly posts from myself sharing my life experiences and what is going on in my life. But also, you can expect me to share stories from other people’s experiences (mostly to do with disability), and me sharing my opinions on topics and answering questions).

If you enjoy this blog, or know someone else who would, please share  

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